Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Its Mahbubnagar from Telangana  !!...The first 40c (40.2°C) in India for 2017 Season has been recorded at Mahbubnagar ...21st February 2017. 

Many places in Deccan plateau are seeing warmer temps, particularly South Interior Peninsula is showing 3°C-5°C  warmer than normal for this time of year !!

Below are the stations from the region which recorded above 37.0°C temp today dated 21st February 2017:

 Mahbubnagar (T) 40.2°C
 Ahmadnagar (MH) 39.2°C
 Angul (O) & Gulbarga (K) 39.1°C
 Kurnool (A) & Chandrapur (MH) 39.0°C                        
 Anantapur (A) 38.8°C                        
 Tirupathi (A) 38.6°C                        
 Nalgonda (T) & Titlagarh (O) 38.5°C                        
 Rentachintala (A), Wardha,Malegaon & Nanded (MH) 38.0°C
 Solapur (MH) 37.9°C                     
 Adilabad (T) & Bellary (K) & Nagpur (MH) 37.8°C                        
 Bhadrachalam (T) 37.6°C                        
 Hyderabad (T) & Tiruchirapalli (TN) 37.5°C                        
 Ramgundam (T) & Salem (TN) & Sangli (MH) 37.4°C                        
 Raichur (K) 37.3°C                        
 Nandigama (A) & Brahmapuri (MH) 37.3°C                        
 Medak (T) & Vellore (TN) 37.2°C                        
 Kavali (A) 37.2°C                        
 Nellore (A) 37.1°C                        
 Khammam (T) & Dharmapuri (TN) & Jeur (MH) 37.0°C⁠⁠⁠⁠

O  -Odisha
T - Telangana
A - Andhra Pradesh
K - Karnataka
TN-Tamil Nadu


Rohit Aroskar said...

Earliest 40 c as per available data is 20 Feb ..missed by a day..
Source..vagaries extreme blog.

sset said...

KAR looks like Sahara desert .... dams hit dead storage - Drought in full force! All southern states are in grip of drought and summer is yet to start....


How will rainfall be this year for Southern India - raise in temperatures will do no good except suck last remaining drops?

Cumulus arjun said...

Nowadays Desert type climate in Mumbai. Hot days and still cool nights.

Hrishikesh said...

What's happening to Mumbai weather Feb and this type of weather day dry and hot night cool when will the cool westerly winds pick up?

Unknown said...

Massive rainfall in Khasi hill region

On 22 Feb
Cherrapunji (RKM) 191 mm
Cherrapunji 178 mm
Mawsynram 165 mm

On 23 Feb
Cherrapunji 251 mm
Mawsynram 197 mm
Cherrapunji (RKM) 170 mm

sset said...

It is always normal for Mumbai to have bit above normal during feb/march months but during normal summer it becomes normal. Apparently NE India receives heavy rain during feb/mar/apr - when rest of India is dry.

sset said...

atmospheric rivers!

Heat and drought - KARNATAKA fragile Bandipur reserve forest on fire!

 See World Weather News Pag e .. World Weather Page.. New York City finally sees snow Wednesday, ending 328-day snowless streak