Monday, April 25, 2016

Bangalore records its highest ever temperature...Hottest day ever for the Garden City, Silicon City of India !
After weeks of relentless heat, Bangalore touched 39.2c on 24th April 2016.The previous record was held on for 85 years, and was 38.9c recorded on 22nd May 1931.

Last 30 days Graph for Bangalore...."Red" all over !

2 more all time records broken in Karnataka...Mysore records 39.9c and breaks its od record of 39.4c last recorded in 1917 !
Mandya with 39.6c, also broke its highest ever record of 39.1c recorded in May 2003.

On 24th April Sunday, Titlagarh shoots up to 48.5c (Hottest ever April Temperature)...4th day running as the Hottest place in the world !
Tirupati was very hot at 45.7c.

All time record broken as highest ever in Tamil Nadu...Dharmapuri which was 42c on 24th beats its all time high of 41.4c in May 1991.
Madurai at 42.3c and Tondi at 38c beat their April records.

Rainfall News from Cherrapunji: Available data indicates that Hailstrom occurred over M.O. Cherrapunji from 1645 to 1652 hrs IST 9 23rd April) with diameter is 50 mm; With 421 mms rain in 24 hrs ended 8.30 24th April, the rainfall from 1st March -24th April = 2211 mms.


Rajesh said...

several reasons attributed to heat wave in East and SE India: Briefly 1. Lack of pre monsoon rains, 2. Non formation of the trough (LWD) in the central peninsula region...3. formation of INLAND trough in interior of east coast...4. Continuous flow of upper air WDs preventing the formation...5. WDs keeping extreme heat away from NW india.
As mentioned in "Flash Snippet", heat waves in Bengal (Kolkata) and Odisha can lessen from Tuesday.

Karan Kumbhar said...

Pune , After experiencing hot weather (near 40 C) has shown subsstantial drop in temperatures. Maximums are around 36 C (2 C below normal) courtesy strong breeeze throughout the day and night. Lets hope it stays this way.

Unknown said...

Thanks rajesh sir for listing the reasons for the extraordinary summer in east india and southern peninsula.

Unknown said...

Mysore recorded 39.9 yesterday beating the all time high of 39.4.

Unknown said... is predicting good rains from may 2nd to may 10th. Not sure whether to believe it or not.

April 20th to May 10th have always been the core season for rains in bangalore during summer. Hope from early summer the usual summer rains come.

Rajesh said...

will be posting tonight on possibility and formation of LWD. This brings rain to Central interior peninsula (Bangalore)

Zohair said...

Weekly Nino Indices
1+2 , 3 , 3.4 , 4,
13APR2016 25.6 0.1 28.6 1.2 29.1 1.3 29.3 0.8
20APR2016 24.7-0.6 28.0 0.6 28.9 1.1 29.4 0.8
@Rajesh Kapadia Sir, is it noticeable? nino 1+2 cooled by 0.6c during past week

Unknown said...

Huge TS EAST OF BANGALORE. Hoping for deluge.

Unknown said...

Raining in many parts of bangalore. Very surprising rain.

Unknown said...

Waiting for the LWD statement from rajesh sir.

Hoping for good news :)

Abhijit Modak said...

After record break heat wave yesterday it's time for DS/TS in Bangalore today !!

Bangalore max temp 37.1c today.. And lashed by dust storm with moderate rain ..

Bangalore recorded 11mm rainfall till 5.30pm today & wind gust reached upto 111.2km/h.. (winds speed need to be verify again though).. Temp drops to 27c at 5.30pm

Rajesh said...

Muhammad Zohair..cooling trend of nino 1+2 is a indicator of cooling no doubt. And the main region for our concern to be observed is nino 3.4. But el nino is definitely cooling down and moving towards neutral by May/June.

Vijay Ananad; Putting up a brief note tonite

Zohair said...

thank u so much for ur prompt reply sir, sir a prominent u shape (trough) over sindh tomorrow, do u see any activity?

Rajesh said...

zohair: the low developing over sindh is the core of the seasonal low.

Srikanth said...

Sir at 45.7 Tirupathi has broken its all time hottest day record and similarly Nalgonda had broken its all time April record. These two also happened on 24th April along with the rest already in the article

 26th Day Temperatures..Mumbai cooler than Pune,Nasik and Same as Mahabaleshwar