Friday, December 28, 2012

The UAC mentioned earlier in the South, is set to enter TN on schedule by 28th. From this upper air system, already embedded in the trough, rains along the TN coast can be expected next 2 days from Friday.
Chennai can get some showers, with gusty winds from the NE. Friday,Saturday,Sunday, i would expect cumulative of around 25 mms in Chenai.
as I expect the system to now move N/NW. Somewhat along the coast. maybe upto Bengal by the 31st...but this to be observed.

AS this moves, rainfall mov along interior Karnataka and into S. Mah by the 30th.
N.I. Karnataka can get showers on the 29th,and Bangalore a day earlier, as mentioned before.

Mumbai and Pune change from the 29th till 31st, as SW winds dominate and bring in moisture and clouds.
Mumbai gets warm and stuffy, and partly cloudy, last 3/4days of 2012,and we may even see the night temperature rising to 20/21c at Scruz. Unstable atmosphere on the 29/30/21st for Mumbai.

Pune gets partly cloudy with some rain around the 30/31st and nights rising to 15c from the morning of 29th.  Maybe a drizzly New Years Eve !

D-5 is scheduled to move away from the subcontinent by Friday evening. Decrease in fog and rise in day temperatures from Friday for the plains of Punjab and Haryana.
patchy fog in Delhi NCR next 2 days. however, I see no major fall in night temperatures for Delhi NCR in the rear of the WD. Night minimum temperatures will be around 6/7c on Friday and Saturday morning.
From  Saturday, south winds will bring the days upto the 23c  and nights from Sunday morning  
will be around 10/11c  till New Year.

Kolkata recorded a low of 10c on Thursday. The lowest in last few years, though far from the records low.  Northerly winds continue in Kolkata till 30th, that is 2 more days. we see a bit easing of temperatures from 30th, as NW winds dominate.

As estimated, Surat wil see a slight fall in temperatures next few days. days will be dropping by a couple of degrees.
However some clouding around 31st will spoil the good weather.

Plains  of Nepal were cold, with Birendranagar recording a low of 2c and Khatmandu continued to shiver at 1.5c on Thursday morning...with continuing of near zero temperatures next 3 days.

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Rajesh said...

coldest in Asia the usual place..always...Oymyakon at -50c..appear toy, the max there was -48c yesterday....cold days here anyone ?? ..

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