Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hottest in India on Tuesday 18th December, was at Karwar  37c. Panjim was 35.2c and Surat was 35.0c...Ratnagiri 34.7c .

Easterly Wave Pushing up Night temperatures in South and Central Peninsula Regions...


Rajesh said...

Arpit: Your query on Vagaries FB: Your point of view is correct.
In International weather standards, we have an average temperature for a place which is taken into consideration for guidance and for getting the weather of a place . For commercial purposes or tourist information, the average weather of a city is normally mentioned. Take any international weather company of repute, and you will see an average weather for a city.

Normally they calculate the average weather by adding the normal max and the normal min and divide by 2. And then submit the monthly average also.

Several years back, i had put up a suggestion to IMD for giving the average for the deviation also.
Example: Suppose Delhi low today is 5c, which will be 4c below normal.Then it is considered a moderate cold wave...ik...but suppose the day time temp on the same day goes to 27c...it will be 4c above normal. But IMD will still say cold wave and people will FEEL WARM IN THE DAY.

My suggestion was to put deviation as average also.. Like in the above example, deviation would be , -4 and +4 = 0c. No cold wave then...because the night was cold, but day was equally warm to balance the deviation....

emkay said...

Rajesh see this supposed photograph from Brisbane ? http://t.co/IoPUKMKR Could it be a "true" pic ?

Rajesh said...

emkay: Pic is for real. The orange/red tint has been made more tinted, that is a greater red tint is given,, The cloud has been made sharper too...otherwise its a typical cumulo-nimbus thunder head with an anvil in the stratosphere..

Abhijit Modak said...

Rajesh Sir, Mumbai & Pune max temp for today ?

Rajesh said...

Tuesday highest: Pune 29.8c, Colaba 34c and Scruz 33.4c...Dahanu 32.9c.

Abhijit Modak said...

Thanks Sir. Today bit cool here. 20 C now.

Hoping for 15/16 C tomorrow morning in Badlapur .

Mumbai around 17 C
Pune around 11/12 C
Surat around 17 C

Abhijit Modak said...

As was expecting some drop in min temp today but places inland saw drop & coastal remained same or little change .

Min temp for today

Mumbai:S'cruz 19.2 C, Colaba 22.5 C

Badlapur 14.8 C
Pune 10.3 C
Nashik 10.7 C
Surat 19.7 C

Abhijit Modak said...

Some more Maharashtra cities min temp today.

Akola 13.4 C
Aurangabad 14 C
Dahanu 18.1 C
Mahabaleshwar 13.6 C
Nagpur 11.1 C
Nanded 13.5 C
Parbhani 11.9 C
Ratnagiri 15.4 C
Sholapur 14.5 C

Abhijit Modak said...

Mumbai not cooled down but Dahanu & Ratnagiri are cooler than Mumbai today..
As Dahanu 18.1 C & Ratnagiri 15.4 C but Mumbai 19.2 C

Abhijit Modak said...

Ratnagiri's max temp 34.7 C & min temp for today is 15.4 C .. see 19.3 C drop(difference between max & min temp) ! So much drop at coastal town !!

Abhijit Modak said...

Rajesh Sir. Todays max temp please. I think coastal cities still around 34 C & interior Maha max temp bit drop today.

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