Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The WD as a trough and showing good clouding has been located South of the Caspian Sea. D-5, would now move east into Balochistan and adjoining Sindh on Wednesday,26th. the corresponding long wave radiations already indicate its penetration up to 65E.
Precipitation is likely over Balochistan and Northern Pakistan regions from Wednesday. heavy rain and snow likely in the regional hills east of Islamabd.
Current low temperatures in Islamabad is 1.5c and /Sibbi is at 0c and was at -1c on the 24 th.These lows will rise with the advent of d-5tomorrow.

the fog will decrease considerably from Wednesday morning in Northern India. On Wednesday morning, the intensity will decrease, and most regions will be in the >200 metres  range. 
Foggy days will decrease from Wednesday, and may be restricted to late night and early morning hours only. 
Delhi NCR will see lesser fog from Wednesday morning, though not completely out, but getting clearer from Thursday. Partly cloudy for Delhi NCR from Thursday and rise in night temperatures.
No rainfall expected, but high clouds on Thursday.

Precipitation from D-5 is expected in Kashmir. Snow likely on Thursday and Friday in resorts of Kashmir and HP.
Punjab,Haryana will be cloudy on Wednesday thru Friday.

An UAC from an easterly wave moves into TN and thence into S.I. Karnataka on 27and then into Douth Karnataka on 28th.
Rains of moderate itensity likely in TN and S.Karnatak and Bangalore on Thursday 27th and Friday28th.

As the system at upper level moves North., upper winds from SW direction rush towards it.
rainfall possible in NorthInterior Karnataka on 28th and 29 th,
Rainfall of light itensity, and clouding, moves into Southern Mah regions of Solapur and South Marathwada and Goa on 29th and 30 th.

Pune will be cloudy and warm from 27th till New Year. Slight unstable weather on 29th and 30th. rain possible on 30th.

Mumbai will be warm and around 33c, except for a two day relief on 26th and27th, when the night temperature may drop to 16c at Scruz. Not much of a relief though.
But, warm cloudy weather returns to make New Year's Eve stuffy and warm.

Surat, on the other hand, sees some cooling, slight, from the 28th, as the post D-5winds turn Northerly for the city.

Kathmandu, will remain cold and take advantage of the passing WDs without precipitation a. Range will be between 18 and 1c.


Neeraj said...

coldest time of the year. From the beginning of Jan to Mid of Jan. We are consistently having a low of around 1.5~2 C. Urbanization (lot of concrete) i think is responsible for minimums not dipping below 1 C,past few years it has hardly done so.

Rajesh said...

neeraj. yes, urbanisation has surely had a drastic effect...but I see Khatmandu going down to 1c soon,and I remember it had its snow fall as early as 2008 ..

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