Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekend will be basically dry in the India and Pakistan. Only the extreme North and Western Pakistan get some precipitation.

Saturday, 15th,  Sunday, 16th, Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th:

Saturday night will see rains picking up in the middle east. Dubai and Muscat get showers from Saturday night thru Sunday. 
Sunday we see the rains moving NE, with the Ras-Al-Khaimah region getting the heavy showers. Rain lingers on in the Gulf of Oman till Monday.

Sunday/Monday, the Afghanistan/Pakistan border regions receive precipitation. 

Meanwhile, the Northern Pakistan and Indian states of Kashmir and HP continue with rain/snow in isolated places on Sat/Sun. Intensity showing a slight increase on Monday,17th. 

Almost dry on Tuesday.

The Southern most tip if India, say regions South of Madurai, get some week end showers.

Days will be around 23c in the NCR this weekend, and nights at 9/10c. Clouds clearing off from Saturday evening.
Strong NW winds commence in the Northern plains (and Delhi) from Monday, showing a fall in day temperatures by 2/3c, to 20/21c. 

Long Term: The North will get a weak WD on Monday, 17th, and another before the month end...probably weak also.
A low is expected off Sri lanka around 24th, and may move up NW towards Chennai

Mumbai City Forecast for the weekend:

Warmer days in store for this weekend.
Saturday: Morning will be cool, with the reading showing 16c at Scruz and 20c at Colaba (Saturday morning). Day will be around 29/30c.

Sunday: Warmer day, with East winds, the day temperature will rise to 32c, and nights will be around 18c (Scruz) and 21c at Colaba.

Monday : Warmer day again, with the day temperatures rising to around a warm 34/35c. High cirrus clouds across the sky.

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