Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mumbai S'Cruz on Wednesday: 37.5c. Mumbai Colaba today: 35.5c. Vagaries had forecasted a rise for Tues/Wed up tp 36c. Should ease tomorrow (Thursday) as the winds turn North again. 
Ratnagiri on Wednesday : 39.7c ! Pune : 35.1c.


sset said...

Similar raise in Mumbai temperature was noticed last year 2011 March. This rings warning bell of intense strong monsoon as usual instore for Mumbai!!!!


junaid said...

@sset,,,,,,i dnt thnk so that thses fluctuations shud have any correleation wid the sw monsoon,,,although i always hope for a strong monsoon...coz i feel for 8 months we r parch dry,,,atleast thr shud be plentiful rains 4 rajesh has said ,,thse fluctuations are due to n e winds blowing,,!!!usually i have observed ,,tht during last 10 days of march wen the transition from dry to humid sauna weather happens ,,thr r extreme fluctuations in temp,,,,@rajesh ,,,the rh humiidity was really very low,,,am really amazed by the strenght of northeast winds making the mumbai atmosphere like tht of a dry desert!!

sset said...

Bangalore is extremely hot now, with furnace like air. Atleast Mumbai and Maharashtra have assured monsoons [always excess], but places like Karnataka, AP, TN always probability of monsoon failure. Infact many places in Bangalore have no water even with bore wells above 1000ft deep! IT city has zero infrastructure.