Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update on TC "Laila":
Latest position at 13.3N  83.3E. With pressure dropped to 985mb and winds at 50 knts. 

Possible area of striking coast near Kakinada,on 19th.evening, and then tracking along the East coast.As expected, it will turn to North-Northeast on hitting landmass. 
Will strike the coast as Cat1 TC, and may maintain this intensity for at least 24/36 hrs. due to its proximity to the sea.Heavy supportive clouding seen in interior Karnataka.But this will vanish as the system moves away.

Rainfall upto 250 mms initially expected along A.P.coast, and 50-70 mms in interior A.P. and North T.N. coast.and winds will reach 70 knts aalong the shores.

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Mark'sWxWorld said...

Great updates, Rajesh!

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