Thursday, May 06, 2010

Temperatures have dropped. to some extent in the Northern region and  North-West. The W.D. has had the desired effect on the day temperatures. The IMD map of 6th. May shows the "better off" regions spanning from the North-West towards the Central regions.The most intense heat is restricted to the Central areas.
Highest temperature in India at a few places was 44c today.
Mumbai was partly cloudy at night, but clear throughout the day.The high was 34.8c at Colaba, and 34c at S'Cruz. Humid and sweaty, that's the weekend for Mumbai.
W.D. effect will precipitate rain for a day more in the North.
South I see the rain tapering off in Tamil Nadu. Light convectional rain for pockets in Kerala for the weekend.
 But some internatonal forecasts show a local vortex forming off  Mangalore on Saturday, when the city can expect heavy thundershowers, and upto 30/40 mms of rain.

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