Saturday, May 22, 2010

Readings as on 22nd. May: IT's 51c !!
Highest in Asia:Larkana (Pakistan): 51c, Sibi (Pakistan) 50c, Jacobabad: 50c.Incidently,the evening humidity in Larkana was 5%.
Highest in India: Ganganagar: 48.9c,Hissar: 48.0c,Jaisalmer:47.7c, Kota:46.7c.
Hottest Night:Jodhpur:31.0c, Ahamdabad:30.6c.

That's Hot ! Its the desert state of Rajasthan and adjoining Pakistan that is bearing the brunt of very gruelling heat! Highs of 51c in Pakistan and 48.9c in India now,is hopefully going to shape up the "tardy" development of the seasonal low in Rajasthan/Sindh. A core pressure of 998 hpa is now prevailing, but its been the same since "Laila's" formation. Forecasts show it the pressure coming in the region down to 996 hpa, by the 25th.of May.

Our blog poll is getting interesting now. With the Monsoon staging a "come and go" attitude, the % of the different dates go on varying. Now, the first 3 options are suddenly running neck-to-neck !! Surprising turn !  

News from Our Partner Blog:
And now, U.K. has started getting "warm".I put it in comas,as readers in the sub-continent may not agree to calling this "warm" !
"Britain warms to Meditereanean levels as High sits overhead".
-By Mark Vogan

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