Monday, May 31, 2010

The Arabian Sea system is now a depression.
It was stationed at 15.5N and 63.5E at 5.30pm IST today, 31st, that is 1050 Kms South-West of Mumbai.Core pressure is now 1001 Hpa, and the wind speed is 25 Knots.
System is expected to intensify,as the SST is conducive at 31c.
As expected,it has moved North-West,and is likely to continue in that direction for the next 24Hrs.Subsequently,it should encounter the W.D, and as mentioned yesterday in my write up, recurve towards the India/Pakistan border by the 3rd. of June.

Effectively, I maintain that the rainfall will decrease in Kerala and Karnataka coast from 1st. June.
But, Goa and Maharashtra coasts will get light to moderate rains from Wednessday till around the 6th. whilst the interior regions of Maharashtra, Karnataka and entire T.N will remain practically dry till the 8th./9th. of June at least.

Readings of 31st. May 2010:
Higheat in Asia: Dadu (Pakistan): 48c
Highest in India: Ganganagar: 46.4c
Hottest Night: Bikaner: 31.1c
Mumbai today: Colaba: 36.4c, Santa Cruz:35.2c.

Mumbai will get its pre-Monsoon showers from Wednessday.
Forecast till Saturday is that days will be sweaty and hot, as there will be cloudy skies and some rain.

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