Monday, April 29, 2024

Today, 29th April,  

Mumbai recorded 39.1°c. This being the 2nd highest of this season. Now, technically, this is termed as a " heatwave ", being 5° above the normal.
The real feel was 40°, and the humidity being very low at 20%.
Colaba saw 35.2°c, 2°above normal.
The all time April record however is 42.2°c on 14-4-1952.
We can expect the Mumbai temperatures to reach sane levels of around 35° by 2nd May 
We can attribute thus intense heat due to the strong Anti Cyclobe, or High Pressure in the Arabian Sea,  which is seasonal .
The point to note is that this hot weather is restricted to Konkan region. (Yesterday Matheran, at 700 metres asl, recorded 39°c, its highest ever April reading).

Hotbeds like Vidharbh and Marathwada are near normal in day temperatures. 
IMD Bulletin 👇

No rain is expected soon.

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