Tuesday, April 30, 2024

 MumbaiThe April 2024 weather  

Hearing a lot about the  "Heat Wave " in Mumbai this April. 

Let us now study, how we compare with the April "Highest" Temperatures since 1950... and 2024 saw the 8th hottest April day at 39.7c

April 1952 saw the hottest ever April at 42.2c,👇

April 2024 saw the highest of 39.7c, and, it is ranked joint 8th with 2009 in the list of Month's previous highs !👇

Talking about Warm Nights, the warmest night in April ever was in 2011, when the minimum was 29c. This year, 2024, the warmest night in April was at 27.5c.

Pune : April 2024: Highest 41.8c on 29th....not even in the first ten highest readings for April.

Record 43.3c on 30-4-1897.

Maharashtra: Konkan region saw slightly above normal temperatures in April. The rest of Maharashtra was almost normal to below normal.

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