Thursday, April 29, 2021

 LWD.. Thursday 29th evening

Posted 29th Afternoon:

The LWD persists today from N.I. Karnatak thru to Kerala...So thunder showers will continue from 29th-4th May...Pre Monsoon showers.

As the LWD stretches into Interior Mah, we see thunder showers with hail again in Madhya Mah and Vidharbh from 30th..gradually increasing from 1st May....Pre Monsoon Showers.

*Real feel of any temperature in their forecast means how the temperature will feel to your body. Basically, temperatures that thermometers record and the that our body feels can be different under wind/humidity/cloud conditions etc.

Mumbai: Hot, Sultry, pre monsoon weather...Real Feel* Temperature* around 39c. 

Pune: Warm for 2 days, around 36/37c, with Real Feel* at 38c. But thunder showers again from 30th..and increasing from 1st -4th May. Pre Monsoon showers. Cool during rains.

Mahableshwar: Thunder showers likely in afternoon/night from 30th-4th May. Day temperature around 32c but nights around 18/19c.

Surat: Warm days , 37c. Light rains expected on 2nd May.

Bharuch: Hot, with warm winds. 41c...Some rains expected on 2nd May.

New Delhi: Hot, at 42c with warm winds. Thunder shower expected only on 3rd/4th May.

Jabalpur: Temperatures around 41c, next 3 days..Some rains expected on 2nd/3rd May.

From 1st May - 4th May, we see thundershowers into South Chattisgarh, adjoining M.P, and Odisha...with gusty winds.

Monsoon Arrival seems early at Kerala...seems..

More in next Monsoon Watch about arrival date on 2nd May.



Ashish Gupta said...

Dear Sir, hope you and your family are safe and well. why is it such a rare event for Mumbai to experience rainfall during April-Late May when large parts of Western India and central India experience pre monsoon showers? Thanks in advance for your explanation.

Rajesh said...

Ashish:The thunder showers are formed by the LED.. Line of Wind Dicontinuity.That's where the West and Easy winds meet. Now,that is, as mentioned in blog, in the interiors. The thunder cells firm there.
Sometimes, they may drift West towards Mumbai.. Or coast.
So,Mumbai gets sometimes.
Thank you, we are well and fine.

Ashish Gupta said...

Thanks sir.

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