Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Important :

Since the last 12 Months, things and circumstances have been different, and the "Normal" has changed completely to a "New Normal". Life styles have changed, and the methodology of working different. We are not able to move about freely without the tension of catching the virus. 

Hope all Vagaries' readers are safe and keeping well. From my side, all is ok. I thank everyone for their concern and want all to take care.

With utmost disappointment and reluctance, i announce that our most popular and much awaited annual series, "Monsoon Watch" will not be published this year in its usual format. This is only for this year. 

Only a truncated form, very brief, with the Indicators only and a few maps, will be put up.

The details and exhaustive write up and study of each indicative parameter will be missing. 

I am thankful to the Vagarians who had helped me in framing the past Monsoon Watch Series.

Of-course, a study will be done and researched by me, but the detailed explanation will not be put up.

I am sorry to disappoint and feel that a big important event of Vagaries will be absent this year.

I thank all our readers for their patronage and loyalty to Vagaries, and hope their trust remains undeterred.


Neeraj said...

we understand. hope all is well.

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Its ok sir, even small write up and regular update will add to our knowledge.its most reliable than any other forecast.

sridu said...

yes take care and thanks for keeping it going

shiekhz said...

Yaar baaqi...suhbat baaqi.... No issues sir now people will realize the importance of those series... We will see it again in 2022 :)

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Rain in Konkan?

Unknown said...

Dear Rajesh, you need not be apologetic at all. In fact under the Covid context, what you are providing is already a great deal. I know that for us to read an update may just take a minute, but for you to analyse, prepare and present a forecast could involve hours of work.

So please take it easy during this extremely difficult time for mankind, one, not seen in a century probably.


Ashish Gupta said...

Sir, I have followed your blog with great interest over several years. For me this is the most reliable source of weather related information. Your monsoon watch series is much anticipated but it is important that in todays scenario you should prioritize the health and wellbeing of your family and yourself. Take care sir

Paresh said...

Absolutely fine, Rajesh. Health (yours and your loved ones) first.

We, the readers, will look forward to whatever you can post for this year.

Innumerable times have I quoted your blog and the facts and forecasts all through the year in my circle.

Take care

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