Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Posted Wednesday 20th November:

Current Western Disturbance, over Iran, is likely to bring winter conditions in the North (Of the Sub Continent).
From Wednesday 20th, Northern Pakistan and  Balochistan will see good amounts of rain and snow. 

On 21st, Rain/Snow will cover Kashmir and H.P. in India. 
Pakistan Northern regions and Punjab and Upper Sindh will see rains.

On 22nd, Rain /Snow will blanket Kashmir and H.P. and penetrate into Hills of Uttarakhand.
Srinagar has had 200 mms of rain/snow this season till today ( Normal 45 mms), and fresh snow is expected in the City and the hills.

Winter temperature will see drop in Day and Night readings effective from 25th in North/NW India, Rajasthan, and Gujarat and north Madhya Maharashtra. Day temperatures expected to drop and produce cold day condition in the North..


sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir when to expect cold in mumbai and nearby. Still no big relief from humid climate

Rajesh said...

Sanjeev: The interior stations oh Madhya Mah. like Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad will see a fall in day temperatures by about 2c from current value of 30c by 25th. Nights will be cooler by 3/4c from current values of 16/17c by 25th.
Mumbai will be around 32-34c till 26th, after which we see a slight fall in day temps by 1/2c. Nights will get a fall of 2/3c from current value 22c by 27th. This is Mumbai's limit :-)

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Thank you very much sir for your reply.

sset said...

WD will be culprit for NEM easterlies to move towards TN... already season coming to end. Worst NEM since decade. Chennai -50%. SAP no rain from NEM... soon this will be come 'never existing monsoon'

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