Wednesday, November 13, 2019

MUMBAI SCZ (Vile Parle) .. year 2019 till now 

A) Monthly weather averages 2019

(Coolest month .. Jan @ 23.6 c,Warmest month .. Jun @ 30.2 c )

Average temp : 32.2 c / 23.1 c ( near normal )

Total rains : 3854 mms in 99 days 
(Nearby Powai / Tulshi has reported 5000 + mms)

B) Monthly weather extremes 2019

Highest Heat Index : 48 (9th June)
Highest temp : 40.3 c ( 25th March ) , 
Lowest temp : 11 c ( 9th Feb )

Highest Daily Range @ 19c  ..9th Feb (30 c / 11 c)

Highest rains in a day : 375 mms ( 2nd July )

C) Temperature spread 2019 (317 days)

Minimum temp :
Less than or equal to 20 c..74 days ,
out of which ..
less than or equal to 18 c ..41 days
less than or equal to 15 c ..16 days 

More than or equal to 26 c .. 59 days ,
out of which ..
more than or equal to 28 c .. 12 days 

Maximum temp :
Less than or equal to 30 c..59 days ,
out of which ..
less than or equal to 28 c ..14 days

More than or equal to 35 c .. 27 days ,
out of which ..
more than or equal to 38 c .. 2 days 
more than or equal to 40 c .. 1 day

D) IMD Scz (Vile Parle) area in pics 


Rajesh said...

Rohit.. Unprecedented. Superb analysis and with lot of effort put in. details are to the point.

Rawat said...

Sir, it will be great if You can same kind Of data for New Delhi.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Rohit you must have spared a great amount of time to collect, compile and present all data here at the blog- painstaking effort -

Rohit Aroskar said...

Thanks Rajesh sir ..
Yeah is collated through the year..

Jitendra Solanki said...

This is an amazing analysis. As usual - you rock my friend with data!

Manoj said...

Rohit...very good details. please give Delhi and Pune also if possible. Unique !

sset said...

Will NEM revive or gone forever?
TN and SAP stare at massive deficits - 5th successive monsoon failure.

Unknown said...

Again need to state correct facts here to support Vagaries. Most of TN has received very good rainfall this year and benefited both from SWM and NEM. This year it is only North Tamil Nadu including Chennai which is facing a shortfall. And there is still one month of rainfall left. So we must not generalise that TN is facing a deficit.


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