Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Posted Tuesday Evening 19th March:

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Equinox And Super moon This Week

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The Sun is directly over the equator during the equinoxes (right)
The March equinox arrives on Wednesday marking the beginning of astronomical spring in the northern hemisphere. Since this is measured by Earth’s trip around the Sun, it occurs at the same instant in all time zones. This is when the Sun is directly over the equator. That sub solar point continues moving northward until it is directly above the tropic of Cancer at the June solstice.
Completely unrelated to the coming equinox, the Moon reaches perigee or the closest point in its orbit to Earth on Tuesday March 19 when it is just 359,381 km away. It will be fully unlimited on Thursday the 21st having only receded by a little more than a thousand miles. That’s good enough for government work and a super moon.
This doesn’t happen every month because the moon’s orbital period, aka anomalistic month, is 27.55 days while the time it takes to go from full moon to full moon, aka synodic month, is 29.53 days.
Just go out and enjoy the big beautiful Moon, especially near moon rise or set when it will look its biggest.


sset said...

What is happening to southern India? Soaring temperatures, heatwave and no pre-monsoon in sight. Usually by this time we should have seen line of discontinuity..With NE monsoon failure drought is becoming worse every passing day. Is prolonged rain and western disturbances over northern India culprit??

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