Friday, March 08, 2019

Posted Friday Evening 8th March:

March Heat Wave in Tamil Nadu and Southern A.P.

Maximum Temperatures: Highest Maximum Temperature: Madurai, Salem, Karur Paramathi and Tirupathi airport: 41.0C

Departure from Normal: 
Maximum Day Temperatures likely to gradually increase by 2/3c in Central and Western India this weekend (Saturday/Sunday).
Western Disturbance M-2 will be over Northern Mountains and NW India on 11 th  March (Monday). Rains likely in Kashmir, H.P, and lighter rains in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi on Monday.

Mumbai: Weekend will be warm around 33c in the day and 21c at night. But Eastern Outer Townships like Badlapur, Karjat, Thane and Panvel likely to heat up to 37/38c this weekend.
Pune: Likely to be warm/hot this weekend around 35/36c. Nights around 16/18c.


shiekhz said...

What for sindh/karachi from this system sir?

sset said...

Great Maharashtra - Maharashtra 50 core trees plantation will end on 2019. Congratulations to our green CM Devendra Fadnavis for full support to this noble cause.
4 core trees planted in 2017, 13 crore trees planted in 2018, 33 crore trees to be planted in 2019. Maharashtra is lucky to have such green CM who balances environment with infrastructure.

Karnataka (they have turned Bangalore into poisonous gas chamber), Andhra, Tamil Nadu governments should learn from Maharashtra - else invite desertification.

sset said...

Bangalore heading towards zero day? People are in panic state - no water! Only option for government to understand is -> Bangalore is already saturated they should not allow any more real estate, no new buildings, stop immediate registration of new vehicles-> Focus should be only to plant crores of native trees + immediate conservation of lakes.

City remains classic example what happens if people have no respect for environment!

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