Monday, March 25, 2019

Posted Monday 25th March:

Severe Heat in Mumbai ! Mumbai Scruz touched 40.3c, above normal by 7c, qualifying as a "Heat Wave"
Low Humidity was observed in Scruz, with Hygrometer showing between 13%-15% as the driest period...Unusual for this coastal metropolis.
Pune was 40.2c and Mahableshwar 34c.(Check last year , same day temps ! here...)

Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit and Map by Vagarian Tejas. Special Thanks to them

The severe temps expected to remain around 38/39c at Scruz on Tuesday, and then some relief as the day temperatures fall to around 34c from Wednesday...Convective clouding expected on Wednesday/Thursday.
Some convective thunder showers expected in South Madhya Maharashtra on Tuesday and Wednesday (Kolhapur/Solapur/Sangli/Satara/Miraj), and in N.I. Karnataka.


Cumulus arjun said...

Why temperatures in palghar and Dahanu are so contrasting?

Abhijit Modak said...

Dahanu's observatory near to sea so max comes lesser than Palghar !

In winter same Dahanu's min is also higher around 14-15c, while Palghar min drops to single digit at 8-9c also !!

Palghar town is 7km inlamd from sea !

Abhijit Modak said...

Kapde Budruk Mahavedh aws max 46.9℃ which is highest max today in the Maharashtra near Poladpur.

Rajesh Kumar said...

46.9 C is too much,
Pune is also facing 40+ , is really a bad news.

Cumulus arjun said...

But sir Mumbai also coastal still very high temperatures.

Vijay Kumar said...


Wednesday 6.30 pm IST