Friday, February 08, 2019

Posted Friday 8th Morning:
Friday expected to be cool around 25/26c in the day. Saturday morning cold at around 12/13c. Day a couple of degrees higher at 28c. Sunday , again a bit warmer around 28/29c. 
Monday /Tuesday/Wednesday warm at around 33/34c, and nights rising to 19/20c.

Pune : Cool till Sunday, expected drop on Saturday to 8/9c. 
Next week warmer, with cloudy weather, and light rain in some parts on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Posted Wednesday 6th Morning:
Mumbai can expect cooler days and nights till Saturday. Pleasant weather from 7th-9th with temperature range between 27/28c and 13/14c at Scruz.
So, a pleasant period from Wednesday....
Pune too will get cold at 8/9c from Wednesday


NilaY Wankawala said...

Enjoying cool Mumbai weather days and night- wish could have few more days like this for mumbaikars- Indeed a pleasant winter spell this year-

Unknown said...

Any rain possibility for Coimbatore region?

sset said...

As predicted by Vagaries...
Mumbai/Navi Mumbai - today night has suddenly become extremely cold....

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