Saturday, February 02, 2019

Mumbai Scruz Average January Temperatures comparing last 3 years:

2019 >>   Avg Max: 31.3c    Highest 35.5c and coolest day 27.2c
                 Avg Min: 15.9c    Coldest 13.2c and warmest Night 19.2c.

2018 >>   Avg Max:  31.6c    Highest 35.6c and coldest day  27.2c
                Avg Min:   17.1c    Coldest  13.6c and warmest Night  21.8c

2017 >>  Avg Max    31.9c       Highest 35.8c  and coldest day  27.8c

                Avg Min:   16.3c       Coldest 11.9c and warmest Night 19.4c.

Pune Average January Temperatures comparing last 3 years:

2019 >>    Avg Max: 30.2c       Highest 33.1c and coolest day  26.5c

                 Avg Min:  9.9c         Coldest 6.9c and warmest night  12.2c

2018 >>    Avg Max:  29.9c     Highest  33.4c and coldest day  27.5c

                 Avg Min:   12.2c      Coldest  9.9c adn warmest Night   16.2c

2017 >>    Avg Max: 29.8c       Highest 32.2c and  coldest day   27.5c

                 Avg Min:  11.2c        Coldest 7.4c  and warmest 15.2c


Abizer kachwala said...

This year its a bit prolonged period of cold days...and ImD had predicted warm winter this year.

Abhijit Modak said...

Badlapur (Thane Distt Int Kokan private reading) Average January Temperatures comparing last 3 years:

2019 >> Avg Max: 31.9c Highest 35.0c and coolest day 28.5c

Avg Min: 13.4c Coldest 10.3c and warmest Night 15.9c.

2018 >> Avg Max: 31.6c Highest 34.5c and coldest day 27.7c

Avg Min: 15.1c Coldest 12.2c and warmest Night 19.3c.

2017 >> Avg Max 31.7c Highest 35.0c and coldest day 28.5c

Avg Min: 14.5c Coldest 9.6c and warmest Night 17.6c.

Salim Ramani , Jabalpur said...

Rajesh Sir
how will be coming week for East M.P & Vidarbha ?

sset said...

While US freezes due to Polar Vortex Australia boils !

sset said...

South Australia drought - temperatures touch 50c just like our Andhra Pradesh heat wave (which will as usual start from March itself)

Mumbai / Thane / Navi Mumbai sees record number of beautiful Flamingos - actually arrival started by end november itself. We also witness mango trees flowering quite early by late december. Today I noticed jamun trees in flowering stage!

NilaY Wankawala said...

Rajesh sir and Abhijit - so lovely both of you to share the winter statistics of past 3 years

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