Sunday, November 25, 2018

Posted Sunday night :

A NEM break now is not good news  Break till 1st week of December, and time is running out. We need good massive spells in early December.

A WD is on course for good winter rains and snow over North and North West India.. By Wednesday night 

Mainly dry weather all over India next 3 days.

Mumbai : next 3 days will see Easterly winds in the morning . Hence day warm around 33-35 c. After evening sea breeze  night around 20/22c.

Pune :light high clouds keeping day around 30/32c. Nights will be around 13/15c.


Rajesh said...

abizer... According to me Karbala will get rain on Thursday. Cool days then below 20c. Otherwise between 20 and 14c. My views. But please check official report also.

Abizer kachwala said...

Thanks rajesh sir for your forecast

sset said...

Will this be end of 2018 NEM ?
No rain in Rayalaseema,Anantapur,Chittor,Cuddapah - massive drought.
TN managed to have some rain (not widespread) - still in deficit zone. South east KAR (Bangalore,Mandya,Bellari...) massive deficit.

 14th July Good rains tops Mumbai lakes to 29.7%  ! ( Last year this date 29.7%!) Tamhini tops the list by recording 315mms #Khandala: 264 #...