Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cyclone Warning for Tamil Nadu & Puducherry coast: 
Posted:   15 NOV 2018    Time :   11.00 am IST, 053000 UTC
Position of "GAJA'"
Lat :   11:15:51 N     Lon :   82:21:37 E
CI# /Pressure/ Vmax
3.5 / 995.6mb/ 55.0kt
Center Temp : -55.7C    Cloud Region Temp : -68.8C


Cumulus arjun said...

Sir do u think the cyclone will recurve in the Arabian Sea towards Maharashtra/gujarat or it will continue its journey into open Arabian Sea waters?

Rajesh said...

Arjun: I dont think it will move towards Mah/Guj...strong Ridge and and shear may prevent curving

Cumulus arjun said...

Oh ok thanks sir for replying!

sset said...

Seems Gaja cyclone was useless. Hardly any extreme rains over chronic drought hit TN, AP. Similar to Lehar,Helan - windy no rain cyclones. We required cyclones similar to Thithli,Deyan... gave 300-600mm for multiple days.

sset said...

Again Arabian sea hyperactive - cyclone formation probably again for Saudi,Yemen - 3rd cyclone for deserts (that too rain filled) instead of SE India. not good... lots of hope on rains from few hours moved away from TN without much anticipated extreme rains..

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