Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Posted 24th Night:

> Monsoon Likely to advance into Kerala on 31st May...

> UAC prevails in SE Bay and West Arabian Sea....

> Mumbai likely to get light rains on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th May (Pre Monsoon)....


Nice encouraging message to me for our Vagaries received from Maximiliano Herrera (Thailand) ....the first part is ref to my correspondence with him for recent  Bilaspur reading...second part is what i refer to as encouraging...

Quote:-" Thanks. It seems it was dismissed , but I will be waiting for more information (also in the case it is dismissed if it was a temporaly problem or the station needs to be fixed or moved).

I see that thanks to your project Vagaries of the weather, many new Indian amateaurs are getting very skilled and they are a useful "tool" in overwatching Indian weather statistics and filling the gaps in the cases IMD might make a mistake or something.
Since you are the pioneer of the Vagaries, I think your contribution has been fundamental.
Now I am receiving many messages from Vagaries members exchanging information and ideas.
A big thank from the Meteorological Community for your relentless work.


My Reply to Him:-

"Thanks a lot for the kind words Max. Weather is a passion, and after starting Vagaries, we have around 400 members from India, Pakistan, Nepal and US. 
I am so happy that youngsters have taken a very keen interest in weather and studying the daily readings. The younger people are very alert, and immediately point out if something is different or out of Normal.
The younger members have become smarter than their teacher :-)
I also thank you Max for your constant support and help in correcting and updating our records. Your contribution to weather record keeping is amazing ! I still remember when, around 7/8 years back we both were tallying city by city records for many Indian Cities. We had our differences in figures, but that was for the good and proper checking.
Thanks for supporting vagaries and its young members (Vagarians as they are called).Wishing a long relationship between Max and Vagaries !


Shreyas Dhavale said...

Nice to see such good correspondence from different parts of the World! Vagaries is a perfect platform for weather enthusiasts.

Talking about monsoon, it seems that Arabian Sea branch won't be deprived of moisture due to cyclone and hopefully a good onset likely but any chances of cyclone in Bay? Rajesh Sir your thoughts on this...

Rohit Aroskar said...

Max encouragement by Herrera ..wonderful reply by Rajesh sir

Cumulus arjun said...

There also be premonsoon showers around June 1/June 2/June 3 or after that as predicted by you. :)

Ron said...

Congratulations Rajesh Sir!!

NilaY Wankawala said...

Encouragement indeed act as a catalyst to excel in any passion- cheers

Atul P Naik said...

You completely deserve the complements expressed by Mr Herrera! Vagarians owe you much!Congratulations and please keep teaching!

Rawat said...

Where is May heat? No 48-49℃ in RAJASTHAN.

Vijayanand said...

As the premonsoon season winds up in bangalore on 31-May, wish to publish the rainfall numbers recorded so far:
The Normal from March1 to May31 is 167 mm for Bangalore.
BTM Layout: 174.5 mm
Bilekhalli : 175 mm
Anjanapura : 183 mm
Gottigere: 182 mm
Bommanahalli : 196 mm
Koramangala : 195 mm
Rajarajeshwarinagar: 249 mm
Vidyapeeta : 188 mm
KENGERI : 222 mm
Domlur: 246mm
Rajajinagar: 153 mm
Peenya Indl.Area : 169 mm
Cottonpet : 164 mm
Banasavadi : 151 mm
Hoodi : 151 mm
Marathahalli : 156 mm
K R Puram : 148 mm
Bellandur: 200 mm

Most area in bangalore have reached pre monsonsoon season normal of 167mm. SW bangalore are's near mysore road have got the best numbers. Kengeri, Rajarajeshwari nagar and uttarahalli are the toppers.

Dattaraj said...

Congratulations sir. Your way of prediction make many youngsters interested in weather.

I traveled last weekend between Bangalore and chikamagalur(monsoon heartland of Karnataka). Whole region was lush green indicating good pre monsoon showers with less heat. Though, many water bodies were dry due to poor 2016 monsoon, but 2017 started well. And I hope 2017 will get really great monsoon to this region.

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,the pre monsoon showers which would begin on 3-4th june in north konkan would be simple rains or thunderstorms with winds??

Salim Ramani , Jabalpur said...

Congratulations Sir !!

Please something about central india .
Monsoon Dates and pre monsoon rain ?

(Jabalpur , East MP )

  3rd March   The WD has arrived and was a blessing for has filtered the air Delhi recorded a 24-hour average air quality index (...