Friday, May 19, 2017

East Coast under heat / humid wave ..makes Rajasthan heat feel pale in comparison ( 19 May 2017 )

It's that time of the year again.. Heat/humid wave has gripped east coast (specially Andhra / Tamilnadu) during past 4 days.
It's either extremely hot and drier winds from the west (temps of 47 c)  or supressingly humid breeze from the bay ( heat index over 55 c) .
Nights are also hot and humid with temps above 30 c ( Ongole min 34 .1 c ) .

Machilipatnam was 47 c / 31 c yesterday and 40 c / 32 c today (heat index 54 , even at night heat index was above 40 c )

Bhubaneswar/Visakhapatnam AP ..39 c /29 c yesterday with heat index of 55 c

Gopalpur(by the sea) was 36 c / 28 c yesterday with suppressing humidity ( heat index approaching 55 c )

Chennai AP was 44 c / 30 c yesterday with heat index of over 50 c

Kolkata AP was 39 c / 27 c today with heat index of 47 c

>>Vagarians / readers ..please share more information on the subject 


Vinod Desai said...

Could be highest temperature ever for machhalipatnam..
Meanwhile what could be the heat index in mumbai at present.

Shreyas Dhavale said...

Mumbai suburbs with a temperature of 34c and 70% RH gives approx heat index of 47c

sset said...

If we look past data - RAJ is definitely becoming wetter and less hotter compared to places in SE India... (much to annoyance of others)

Rohit Aroskar said...

@ Vinod bhai - Mumbai SCZ heat index around 40 today..
Not the highest temp for Machilipatnam..
Andhra is the warmest state of India ( annual avg. temp wise )..

Cumulus arjun said...

Sir, there is a system in May end going towards Yemen/Oman. Will it affect the onset of South West Monsoon? What are your views on this?

Rajesh said...

Vinod: Machilipatnam record is 47.8c in May 2003.

Rajesh said...

Moshin: Have given my views in latest post on 20th system seen in Arb sea on 23rd.
Arjun: No confirmed system seen in Arb Sea. My latest views are published. Will keep Vagaries updated if and when i see a system :-)

Cumulus arjun said...

Ok sir. Thanks for replying.

Narayanan chennai said...

Heat has reduced by couple of degrees in Chennai today..

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