Tuesday, January 31, 2017

See Current Weather Page for latest weather forecast of Sub Continent: "

The strength of Western Disturbance F-1 has weakened from earlier expectations.

3rd Feb: Rain/Snow (From F-1) is likely over..."

Area..1.84 lakhs sq.km , Population .. 72 lakhs
..The state lies along the pacific ring of fire..
  • SEATTLE REGION (Tuesday / Wednesday forecast)..The clouds will decrease as the day progresses. The minimum temp will drop below freezing (-2/-3 c) because of clear skies and north east winds .High of 6 c . The winds will make the temperature feel lower than the actual readings.
Compare with Mumbai weather.. Mumbai (North).. 33/18 .. Mumbai (South).. 30/20

  • 'Mount Baker ski area' (near the volcano of Mt.Baker) in the state holds the world record for highest seasonal snowfall (29 ft in 1999)
  • The western side of the Olympic mountains record annual precipitation of more than 4000 mms (Highest in the contiguous USA). Hence ,this region is a temperate rain forest.
  • The rain shadow area to the east of Cascade mountains is semi arid with precipitation of only 150 mms.
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(Pacific Standard Time is behind of Indian time by 13 hrs 30 mins)


Cumulus arjun said...

Scorching heat in Mumbai now in the afternoon. But the nights and early mornings though are cool. Sir when we will get respite from this afternoon heat?

Cumulus arjun said...

Nice compilation by rohit sir

Rajesh said...

Arjun; see current weather page

Rohit Aroskar said...

Seattle temp has dropped to freezing currently ( 3am pacific std time ) with mostly clear skies

sset said...


Bangalore - what happens if rains fails, no water ?

 See World Weather News Pag e .. World Weather Page.. New York City finally sees snow Wednesday, ending 328-day snowless streak