Thursday, March 26, 2015

Posted Thursday evening for the Weekend 27th - 29th March..

Mild wet spell again for North Interior Konkan on Sunday......Showers in Interiors of Konkan and Goa on Sunday. Interior regions in North Konkan like Pen, Roha and Kalyan can get showers on Sunday evening. 
Showers likely in Nasik, Aurangabad and Akola Districts on Sunday evening.

Saurashtra regions get some scattered showers on Sunday.
Surat will be around 39/40c this weekend. Cloudy Sunday.

WD announces arrival over Northern Sub Continent on Sunday 29th March...Thunderstorms  with hail would occur at some places over Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh &
Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and North Rajasthan.

Mithi, Turbat and Chorre in Pakistan are likely to be around 42/43c next 2 days (Friday/Saturday). Karachi will be hot on frday at 40c, only to be lower on Saturday and Sunday by a couple of degrees.

Mumbai: Enough of the "loo" and "inland type heat"...Friday and Saturday: Partly cloudy with day temperatures around 34c. South to SW winds dominate in the evening. Warm nights.
Sunday. Partly cloudy getting cloudy in the day. Light drizzles in parts of city by evening. Warm and stuffy at night.
Eastern Outer Townships of Panvel and Badlapur too can experience light rains on Sunday evening. Warm in the weekend at 35/36c.

Pune: Friday and Saturday will be partly cloudy, mostly high clouds. Thundery developments possible on Friday. Days will be warm/hot at 38/39c.
Sunday will get cloudy by evening. Some showers in may parts of Pune by Sunady evening. Around 3-5 mms in regions where it  rains. Cooler Sunday at 33/34c.
Weekend holiday in Lonavala and Mahableshwar will be pleasant with showers on Sunday evening.

New Delhi: Getting very hot, with the mercury touching 36c this weekend. The NCR will have to wait till Sunday Night/Monday for some releif showers.Next week surely gets better for Delhi, as the days will hover around 32/33c.

Bangalore: Friday and Saturday will be warm/hot at 33/34c. Some thundery developments around vicinity possible on Sunday evening. Sunday may be hot at 35/36c.

Kolkata: After a hot Friday, ( 35c) chances of a thndershwer in some parts on Saturday evening. Sunday will see athundershower cooling down the city to 33c.

Rains are back in South Tamil Nadu, ending 8.30 am on 28.03.2015

An upper air cyclonic circulation lies over south Tamilnadu & adjoining Comorin area and extends upto 1.5 km above mean sea level. A trough from this system extend upto south Madhya Maharashtra across Interior Karnataka.

in mm (min  5 mm)

Satankulam, Thoothukudi - 40
Kalakad, Tirunelveli - 30
Kodumudiyar, Tirunelveli - 29
Killiyoor, Kanyakumari - 21
Neyoor, Kanyakumari - 18
Eraniel, Kanyakumari - 13
Nanguneri, Tirunelveli - 13
Tiruchendur, Thoothukudi - 13
Colachel, Kanyakumari  - 11
Thuckalay, Kanykumari - 9
Sri Vaikundam, Thoothukudi - 8
Kurunthancode, Kanyakumari - 7
Radhapuram, Tirunelveli  - 6
Thoothukudi, Thoothukudi - 5
Ambasamudram, Tirunelveli  - 5
Upper Kodayar, Kanaykumari - 5
Thoothukudi Port, Thoothukudi - 5

Kalbaishakhi Season starts in West Bengal and Bordoichila Season starts in Assam, Rainfall ending 8.30 am on 27.03.2015

The upper air cyclonic circulation over Jharkhand & neighbourhood now lies over Jharkhand & adjoining Bihar and extending up to 0.9 km above mean sea level.

in mm


Golaghat CWC - 70
Golaghat - 60
Dhubri - 53
Miao(ARG) &
Barpeta - 40
Dhollabazar - 24
Kokrajhar - 23
Nalbari - 11
Borkhetri - 10
Baihata Chariali - 6
Kajalgaon - 5
Rangia - 5
Margherita - 5

West Bengal

Pedong ­ - 62
CoochBehar - 49
Toofanganj - 34
Alipurduar ­ 34
Chopra - 26
Jalpaiguri - 16
Malbazar - 11
Kalimpong Agro - 5


Vinod Desai said...


What was the reason for sudden increase in temperature by 7-8 Degrees in mumbai. Today I think was not that hot but humidity was very high. Will we have such high temperatures in April/May as well. like touching 40 Degrees more often.

Rajesh said...

Vinod: Sudden rise was due to the East/SE winds blowing over the region. As shown, the interiors of the North Konkan were very hot...and Colaba and Alibag were not so hot...we can expect a drop now,as mentioned in post. No, not necessary that april will be hotter, in fact, Mumbai touches 40c in march, but rarely goes over 34/35c after 15th April.

Rajesh said...

Thursday day temps are given by Abhijit again
Some max temp below from the region for today dated 26-03-2015 :

Karjat 38.2°C
Badlapur 37.8°C
Thane 36.0°C
Palghar & Dahanu 35.8°C
Santacruz IMD official (Mumbai) 34.3°C
Mahape(Navi Mumbai) 34.0°C
Kanjurmarg(Mumbai) 33.8°C
Alibag 33.2°C
Colaba IMD official(Mumbai) 32.8°C
Murud 32.4°C

Abhishek Apte said...

Little spells of rain in Borivali(Mumbai) at 5:05pm today...Still very cloudy..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh, IMD says that the recent and the last years hails storms and rains was because of EL Nino.. your thoughts on this...

Abhijit Modak said...

Thunderstorm in Badlapur at 6pm evening today with heavy thick drops downpour for 5mins..

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