Friday, November 07, 2014

Polar Vortex Returns ...Cold Wave To Grip Eastern U.S....on International Page

Rains in Muscat on Saturday as Forecasted...see Video here and here

Bering Sea In Crosshairs of Monster Storm..See International Page for More on this Massive Storm...

Friday 7th Night:

BB-13....Now a depression located at 14N and 87E with estimated core pressure at 1004 mb and estimated winds at 25-30 knts, is likely to further weaken. System will track W/NW and remain as a WML till it reaches the AP coast. Likely to cross AP coast  by the 9th. Rainfall likely on 9th in Prakasam and Nellore regons of AP.

Chennai likely to get light showers on Saturday evening and Sunday 9th...rise in night temperatures to 24/25c..

BB-14 enters the Andaman Sea on the 9th...and starts intensifying immediately. 

N-2 is precipitating good rains in Northern Pakistan. Lahore City recorded 28 mms ( 14 mms in the day again) and AP 20 mms, Murree 18 mms, Faisalabad 13 mms and Islamabad 9 mms on overnight Friday.
Pics and details in Vagaries Pakistan Edition.

Saturday will see good precipitation in Kashmir and HP. The WD is likely to move away North Eastwards by Sunday.

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th Forecast:

Mumbai: . Friday was 32.7c at Colaba and minimum at SCruz was 20.2c..the slight fall seen. Warm and sunny days around 32c. Nights pleasant at 20c.
Pune: Weekend will be clear with days around 31/32c. Nights will be nippy and cool at 14/15c.

Delhi NCR: Clear skies. Saturday and Sunday will be maximum at 30/31c. Nights will be above normal at 16c. 
Kolkata: Some rains expected in some parts of Kolkata on Sunday.

Kathmandu: Remains warm this weekend. Dry and sunny, Temperatures will be above normal in the 25-12c range. 

Muscat can expect some light showers on Saturday and Sunday. A trough dips into Oman, and can bring cool weather and light rains in Muscat. Days will be around 26c.

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Unknown said...

rajesh sir, showers in whole maharashtra between 11th-15th nov.are there chances of low to develop and convert into a cyclone by nex mid week. your views on that.requesting a post on mumbai and konkan[north and south]weather.for tuesday to thursday atleast.

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