Thursday, September 04, 2014

Friday 5th: 
Expected Massive rains and floods  in Punjab and in Pak Punjab across the border.
Rains  till Friday Morning (24 hrs) Islamabad 298 mms, Sialkot 166 mms, Jhelum 135 mms. Lahore got 299 mms in 24 hrs ended Friday evening.Waqas informs "Highest rainfall during last 48 hours:
All time record for lahore !!!!
Lahore (a/p) 480 mm
Lahore city 375 mm
Rawlakot 463 mm
Kolti 409 mm
Mangla 326 mm
Sialkot city 310 mm
Sialkot A/P 185 mm
Rawalpindi 280 mm
Islamabad 278 mm
Kasur 280mm
okara 257 mm
Murree 199 mm
Jhelum 196 mm
Gujrat city 193 mm"

In Indian Punjab, Amritsar received 120 mms in the day on Friday....detailed figures and rain account will be put up on vagaries Saturday Morning by Arpit...
Pic of Malout  (Punjab) Bus Satnd sent by Sukhwinder
 Lahore Flooded...Friday

Rawalpindi surpassed Parachinar! ( 1st Januaray 2014 to 5 September 2014 ) Rawalpindi 1572mm Parachinar 1505mm Islamabad 1430mm

Info From Waqas

Massive rains in Jammu & Kashmir past 2 days updated in Vagaries Rainman page. Watchout for today's Kashmir Rainfall update Its historic.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted Friday Morning:Active Low over Punjab Region and UAC in North Bay "pulling" Monsoon Axis North....
Posted Thursday Night: 4th September...

Very good rains in Rajasthan...24 hrs as on Thursday Morning: Jodhpur 99 mms, Pindwara 95 mms, Barmer 66 mms, Mt. Abu 32 mms, Udaipur 27 mms, Bikaner 26 mms, 

In Punjab, Amritsar AP got 110 mms, Ferozepur 101 mms, Patiala 39 mms.

The System in the Arabian Sea has merged with the seasonal axis and will be ineffective.
Rains decreasing substantially in Rajasthan and Gujarat. 
UAC in North Bay descends to sea level and forms a Low by saturday night. Consequently, rains increase in Odisha.

System tracks Westwards into Maharashtra.Increase in rains in Vidharbha and Eastern Maharastra on Saturday and Sunday. System tracks through Maharashtra.

In Pakistan, heaviest rains in regions of Lahore, Jhelum, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sialkot. Up stream Jhelum and Chenab will get consistent heavy rains next 24 hrs.
Likely to see the change and SWM withdrawal indicating parameters in Sindh from Sunday.

Mumbai: Friday:Several passing showers, some heavy. 
Saturday partly cloudy with showers. 
Sunday decrease in showers. Showers in parts of city.

Delhi NCR: Showers continue on Friday and into Saturday. Saturday rains clearing by evening. Sunday cloudy.
Indian Punjab State to get good rains next 2 days.

Nagpur will see thunder showers on Saturday and heavier Sunday.

Brief Note ( Thursday Evening):

-AS-1 has moved North into the Kutch region.

- UAC forms over North Bay.

- Eastern Parts of Pakistan get very heavy Rains, mainly Lahore received very heavy rains....Misri Shah 182 mms, Upper Mall 170 mms, PBO 177 mms. In  Gujrat ( Pak Punjab) 114 mms and Gujranwala 115 mms.
- Substantial increase in rains in India Punjab and NCR from 3rd (as mentioned).( See comments).
red alert for higher level flood in river chenab,,,,ravi,,,jhelum...
Lahore ( From Waqas)

NCR from RK Chaudhary

Rainfall during last 24 hours ending today 6:00Pm ( From Waqas)
Sialkot cantt 251, A/P 167 mm
Rawlakot 194 mm
Lahore city 183 mm, A/P 180 mm
Kotli 168 mm
Gujrat 163 mm
Mangla 153 mm
Kasur 135 mm
Gujranwala 125 mm
Jhelum 115 mm
Faisalabad 113 mm
T.T,Singh 97 mm
Mandi bhauddin 94 mm
Islamabad A/P 55 mm

Update and next few days outlook late tonite...


Subrahmaniam S R V said...

Unfortunately not that much rains in Indian Punjab. Punjab and Haryana staying dry.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Sir as forecasted by you August ended arrd 18.5 % defecit and also as you have said September would bring good rains, September began on a very good spell of rains reducing defecit overall india.

sset said...

Mumbai no respite from torrential rains-very heavy rains in Navi Mumbai..

Below article taken from Rajan Alex blog...... It also shows how in recent years SWM is extending...

In the past few years, low-pressure areas have developed over west central and northwest Bay of Bengal during the fag end of the season, leading to enhanced moisture incursion over the region and presence of cyclonic circulations over northwest India. This locks up the steam of clouds and extends the rainy season.

2011-sept 23, 2010-sept 27,2009-sept 25, 2008-sept 28, 2007-sept 30, 2006-sept 21, 2005-sept 01

sset said...

Extended SWM will spell disaster for NEM onset... Increase rains in NW-India - will lead to drought for Rayalseema,TN,SE-interior KAR. Desertification will result if again NE monsoon fails. Last year same happened after extended SWM we had cyclone "Phailin". In short deserts in RAJ may vanish in few years and new areas may emerge in southern India.....
Many island nations in southern hemisphere have risk of extreme droughts.. due to monsoon remain active above 25N latitude...

Sri Lanka worst drought...
Jetwing donates over 190,000 liters of water to Yala National Park

VISHWAS said...

Sir what is your next forcast for mumbai.

Now havey to medium rain started seens last 10 to 15mins. In santacruz. And very dark cloud allso here..
Waiting for your next forcast for mumbai.

sset said...

torrential rains in Navi Mumbai- Belapur -> looks like dump of 200-300mm - thunders...pounding..

sset said...

Guess extreme rains over Mumbai was not predicted... pounding non stop since yesterday in Navi Mumbai...

Unknown said...

90 percent defficient of rain in most part of sindh including karachi

Hrishikesh said...

The monsoon trend seems to be changing since last few years rains In Mumbai in first weeks of June are heavy but then it stops raining then there is extremely heavy rain in July which stops in august and by end of august rains pick up again and last till end of September in Mumbai then there have been depressions from odisha in October which brings unusual rains to Mumbai after withdrawal this year mumbai also got light rains in January and February the weather is turning weirder

sset said...

Bhira just 150km from Mumbai - crosses 4500mm mark since june!! Incessant rain over Navi Mumbai - was it due to massive cloudburst? Never seen such torrents...

Unknown said...

I love raining but not a this type because it's very degrees for all people and city ..

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