Thursday, February 13, 2014

63 mms of Rain in Muscat on Thursday, 13th...against an annual average of 92 mms !! Minimum temperature on Thursday morning recorded was 13c...normal is 17c !...More pics on Current weather Page......

Posted Thursday Afternoon:
Mumbai and Outer townships are partly cloudy on Thursday. 
No, surprise, as it was put in Current weather page on Sunday and Tuesday, that the city would be partly cloudy , and winds would turn westerly.Partly cloudy weather today with cool winds.
The minimum has also increased to 18/20c on Thursday morning.

Even the SW region of UP and adjoining MP are thickly clouded, and we had mentioned some rains for Kanpur, Sagar and Nagpur, which is very much possible today.

The ( mentioned in earlier post)UAC is stationary over the North Gujarat/MP region.

Patch clouds seen over Sindh and Karachi as expected.

Next Update tonite 10.30 pm IST


Unknown said...

other forecasts show possibiltiy of rain tomorrow.

Rajesh said...

abizer: light drizzle from some parts were noticed today, and some 1 to 2mms in Alibag...

Abhijit Modak said...

Many parts of Maharashtra saw below normal temp due to cloudy & windy conditions today..

Some max temp below for today(11-02-2014):

Mahabaleshwar 22.5c ( Hill station remained cool today)
Nashik 26.2c (Lowest max in state today)
Mumbai(CLB) 26.7c
Mumbai(SCZ) 28.0c
Kolhapur 28.1c
Pune 28.2c
Satara 28.3c
Pune AP 28.5c
Dahanu & Osmanabad 28.6c
Aurangabad 28.8c
Ratnagiri & Jalgaon & Sangli 29.0c
Yeotmal 29.6c
Nagpur 29.7c
Alibaug 30.0c (Rainfall 1mm till 5.30pm today @ Alibaug)
Chandarapur & Buldhana 31.0c
Amravati 31.2c
Ahmednagar 31.3c
Panji, Goa 31.4c
Solapur 31.5c
Wardha 32.0c
Akola 33.0c (Highest max in state today)

Abhijit Modak said...

Many area of Konkan & Western Ghats in patches has got drizzles today as was seen on Mumbai radar periodically..

Badlapur had drops falling in intervals some times small & sometimes thick for few seconds & mostly overcast with sudden turning darker and was cool & SW/W windy all trough day.

Hrishikesh said...

Heavy rain shower in mumbai western suburbs early morning between 6-6:30 am

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