Thursday, February 20, 2014

Posted Saturday Noon:

As per our estimate, Nagpur receives pre dawn thunder showers on Saturday..
Light isolated rain in Punjab on friday, traces in Chandigarh.

  "Puttur hobli in Puttur taluk of DK district recorded maximum temperature of 36.6°C on February 20 from 2.30pm to 2.45pm. Bhagamandala hobli in Madikeri taluk of Kodagu district recorded lowest minimum temperature of 13.8°C on February 21 at 6.45am. More than 90% relative humidity has been recorded in 23% geographical area in the state. Less than 25% of relative humidity has been recorded in 0.2% geographical area in the state.

Karnataka for the period February 15 to February 21 recorded deficit rainfall of 97%. Against normal weighted average rainfall of 0.6mm in south-interior, north-interior, malnad and coastal parts, state recorded rainfall of 0mm. For 24-hours period ending 8.30am on February 21, four geographical regions received 0mm actual weighted average rainfall against normal weighted average rainfall of 0.2mm, a 95% deficit departure from normal.

Dry weather prevailed over the state in the last 24-hours up to 8.30am on February 21. The minimum temperature rose appreciably at many places over interior Karnataka; rose at few places over Malnad region and changed little over remaining parts of the state. No significant change is expected over the state in next two days".(ToI Mangalore)

Posted Thursday Night:
Winds turn westerly, and as expected the day temperature drops on Thursday. Days drop to 28c at Colaba and 31c at scruz.
Tuesday: 36c, Wednesday 34c and Thursday 30c...vagaries reading last 3 days !

Friday will see high clouds and hazy sunshine. Day temperature will remain around 30c, but slightly warmer nights.
Outer townships (East) will be partly cloudy). 

Saturday will be partly cloudy, with light drizzle in some parts in the afternoon. Clearing by night. Saturday will be around 28/29c with the nights around 19c.
Light showers in Eastern Outer townships.
Rainfall in Western Vidharbha and adjoining Marathwada on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday will be clear, with a slight rise in temperatures.
Outer townships remain partly cloudy.

Delhi NCR: 
Friday will see Cloud intensity increasing at night..Some showers late night.
Saturday will be cloudy and interspersed with showers in the morning..days rain wil be around 10-12 mms. Temperatures around 22c and 12c.
Sunday will be getting clear with fog on Monday morning.

Clouds increasing from Friday night. Light rains and showers at night.
Saturday will be cloudy with some showers in the day.

A line of Wind Discontinuity will form through the Central Southern Peninsula from 20N South wards to Kerala.
Bangalore can expect a thunder shower on Saturday evening, with upto 10-15 mms.

Cloudy with showers in Belgaum on Friday and Saturday.


Rohit said...

Rajesh Sir, Any updates for Pune weather?

Rawat said...

Sir , is winter over for northern plains after feb ?

Hrishikesh said...

overcast skies in suburbs in evening 6:30pm

Neeraj said...


Rajesh said...

Rohit: Pune partly cloudy this weekend...very light rains on Sunday , in some areas...but warm nights, and days around 32/33c

Rohit Aroskar said...

Thanks to Rajesh sir for organising visit to IMD colaba ..
Time : 4.30 pm , Temp : 25 c , Hum : 64 % .. sunny,clear,deep blue skies..
.. lots of interaction / information with the officials on forecasting / instrumentation(manual/automated)..
..Finally vagarians left with IMD visit(Part 2-Doppler) on their minds ..

Rohit Aroskar said...

thanks to all IMD officials for their co-operation with vagarians.. wonderful and informative interaction..

Rajesh said...

Neeraj: Weekend (Sat/Sun) will be cloudy with showers..would expect the day to drop a lot to around 16c and low around 9c...Thunder shower on Sunday possible..

Rohit Aroskar said...

Mumbai MAX temps drop by around 6 c from wednesday(19 Feb 2014) levels:

19 Feb - Clb : 32+ c , SCZ: 35 c ..
21 Feb - Clb: 26.6 c,SCZ : 28.6 c ..

Rawat said...

Overcast conditions since early morning but no rain/ drizzle yet

Unknown said...

Its sprinkles for 10 seconds around 1 pm in Belgaum.Dark clouds moving from south to north direction with light wind.Hope significant rain expected at evening.

Arpit Sharma said...

Anoop: Obviously winter is almost over now. This feb after a warm start, almost all days recorded max/min temperature below normal. Min temp would fall by 2/3c staying near 9c during next 2/3 days. Then again rise in temp expected...

  25th March Evening  Let's Appreciate when the Air Quality is Good