Thursday, February 06, 2014

Fog arrives in Delhi as expected on Saturday morning, but Low does not dip as anticipated, and remains at 14c..Current temp at 12 noon IST 15c.
Mumbai Scruz Saturday low at 18.6c and Colaba 20.6c. Pune 11.4c, Chennai 18.4c.

Friday was a wet cold day for Dehra Dun..Max 14.6c and 16 mms rain in the day !

Dubai Weather: Light rains can be expected in Dubai on Sunday (9th Feb) and Monday (10th) will remain cool and pleasant.

Muscat Weather: Muscat can get light showers on Monday 10th, and will remain pleasant at 22c in the day. Tuesday will see a drop in morning temperatures ..

F-2 active today over the Northern Sub Continent.

Northern and Central Pakistan received medium rains.
Islamabad was cold, and, the max was 10c, with 12 mms of rains. Multan was also lashed by 21 mms of rain with hails. Several stations in Pakistan including Murree got snow.

In Northern India, Kashmir, HP and Punjab were covered by moderate rains. Amritsar had a cold day at 15c, with light rains in the day. Many stations in upper Kashmir had snow on Thursday.

Light Rains in Kashmir on 06.02.2014 (from Pradeep)
Jammu & Kashmir
Bandipora - 18
Rajpura - 14
Banihal - 10
Batote - 10
Gulmarg - 10
Quazigund - 9
Kupwara - 5
Govindapura - 5
Baramulla - 5

Himachal Pradesh
Rohru - 13
Bhandal - 8
Dalhousie - 6
Manali - 5

F-2 moves E/NE in the next 24 hrs (Friday)..and precipitation decreases from Friday evening in Pakistan, continues in Indian Punjab, Haryana, and Kashmir and HP get snow in the medium and higher reaches.
On skies clearing, Saturday morning expected to be around 3/4c in Islamabad and 9/10c in Karachi.

Delhi NCR gets light rains on Friday as mentioned yesterday (see Current weather Page).
Rains decrease after evening...Fog expected on 8th morning, with a low at 7/8c. 
F-2 decreases in strength from Saturday.

Mumbai will be around 31c and 17/18c this weekend..

True to forecast, Int Maharashtra gets warmer!  

Max temp today (06-02-2014) (From Abhijit)

Ahmednagar 35.4c (Highest in state today)
Solapur 35.0c
Bramhapuri 35.3c
Parbhani 34.9c
Satara 34.8c
Akola 34.6c
Pune & Nanded 34.0c
Wardha 33.9c
Pune AP & Sangli 33.8c
Nagpur & Aurangabad 32.5c

And Coastal Mah. near normal 

Alibaug 27.6c (Lowest max in state today)
Dahanu 28.4c
Mumbai(CLB) 28.7c...dropped a couple of degrees as mentioned in post below
Mumbai(SCZ) 30.8c....drop as mentioned
Ratngari 32.0c
Panji 33.2c


Rawat said...

Pleasant day in Ballabgarh with souterly wind and mainly clear sky. Light rain occured in wee hours

Abhijit Modak said...

Some max temp below for today(08-02-2014):

Int Maharashtra bit warmer!

Solapur 35.1c
Kolhapur 33.8c
Nagpur 33.5c
Akola 33.2c
Pune 32.6c
Aurangabad 31.5c
Nashik 30.4c

And Coastal Maha near normal .

Mumbai(CLB) 27.3c
Mumbai(SCZ) 29.0c
Ratnagiri 30.7c
Panji 32.0c

Mumbai SCZ much humid with sea breeze as min humidity 40% today..

Pune very dry as min humidity just 7% today..

Bangalore max temp 31.6c with min humidity of 9% today.

Nashik min humidty 12% & Kolhapur 15% today.

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