Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Current Situation and Weekend Forcast Tonite (Friday) at 11 pm IST

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 Rain and Snow Satellite Set to Launch

Rain and Snow Satellite Set to Launch

Vagaries recommends this as a must Read for meteorologists..

Synoptic Weather Chart as on Thursday  17.30 pm IST redrawn on on IMD Sat Image.

There is an UAC, which is moving East (Due to the current seasonal movement and guiding jet streams), The high in the Bay is bringing SE winds in the Peninsula...and the SW Arb Sea winds are being attracted tot the system due to strong CAPE ..the interaction causes massive convection and and radiation causing very high clouds, Thus the storms, being brief and violent with hails. A LWD runs South from this system...

Wednesday Rains in MP from Pradeep:
Gwalior 70 Ashta - 65 Kannod - 63 Mhow - 50 Budani - 50  Ichhawar - 50  Todkhurd - 50 Hoshangabad Agro - 46 Barasia - 43 Dewas - 42 Jhansi and Sehore - 40 Vidisha - 40 Sonkutch - 40 Bhopal - 40 Khandwa - 36 Seoni - 32 Hoshangabad - 32 Sohagpur - 31 Khirkia - 30 Depalpur - 30 Gautampura - 30 Gairatganj - 30 Ganjbasoda - 30 Bhikangaon - 30 Chindwara - 29 Badnawar - 28 Nasrullaganj - 27 Islamnagar - 25 Pachmarhi - 24 Ujjain - 24
Bhopal broke the all time record of 24hrs rain in February. Previously, Bhopal on February 10, 1986 recorded 36 mm rainfall. Yesterday (26th February,2014 Bhopal had recorded 40 mm rainfall.

Forecast for Mumbai and Pune for Thursday and Friday:

Mumbai: Thursday will be partly clouded clearing by evening, and Friday will see a hazy sky with sunshine. February end, and the days are getting warmer. The next two days will be round 31/32c (cruz), and with evening NW winds, a cooler effect will be felt. Night minimum will drop to 19/20c (Scruz) and 21/22c at Colaba.

Would expect the outer townships to get cloudy on Thursday evening, and Friday night to be cooler at night to around 18/19c.

Pune: Thursday, some afternoon clouds popping up, but warm at 31c. Rain in the vicinity around Pune. Cooling down to 13/14c by Friday morning.
A sharp drop in night temperature for Aurangabad on Friday morning.

Nagpur will see another Thunder shower on Thursday and maybe on Friday.
Next 2 days, rains moving into Chattisgarh and North Odisha. 
An UAC over Sindh/Rajasthan (from trough of upper air ) could bring some rains parts of Rajasthan, which can bring thunder cells into Delhi NCR next 2 days.. 
Rains for Kathmandu next 2 days.Would be cold and overcast. 

Pakistan: An UAC over Rajasthan and Central Sindh would bring rains to Central Sindh, while an upper air trough from Afghanistan down to North Pakistan would bring rain/snow to Northern Pakistan, and showers to Islamabad.

Detailed Weekend forecast on Friday...


Neeraj said...

Its overcast and drizzling in kathmandu. At 11:30 AM local time, 10 C and with some rain.

sset said...

Southern India complete dry no trace of rain. If NE monsoon fails this year (4th year of drought) desert conditions will propagate further in SE India. Already TN - Kodai, ooty hills are facing acute water shortage - elephants are deeply impacted.
On other hand rest of India enjoys rain.....

sset said...

Very interesting link

Freezing America - but warm Russia (including Siberia!!!)- polar vortex ???

Just like our India - hot South India - wet North....

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