Tuesday, November 08, 2011

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Sudden Surge in As-3

After a brief weakening yesterday, AS-3 has shown a sudden intensification overnight on Tuesday morning. At 6.00 am ISt on Tuesday, the system is at 996 mb (previously 1005 mb) and with winds sharply rising to 30-40 knts. Designated number 04A given by NRL and otehr models.

It has tracked NW and is at 13.7N and 59.4E currently.

Rains expected on South Oman coast and Salalah today as the storm nears.Heavy rains in southern coastline of Oman.Muscat will also get increasing showers from Tuesday thru Thursday.
System could weaken rapidly within 48 hrs as it moves N/NW.

Upper winds spread the clouding towards the Kutch and Sindh coast.

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