Thursday, April 29, 2010

W.D. may Lessen Heat Temporarily:
With a moderate precipitating rains/duststorms in Pakistan, I see the system crossing over into India by the 30th.

Result: Fairly good rains/hailstorms in the North-West/North and Central regions of India.
And with some rain in South Vidharbh today (29th.), the scorching heat of Vidharbh now underway, will lessen with the passing of the W.D. from tomorrow.
 Expect the highs in Vidharbh to come down from 45c to 41/42c.Since the W.D. is moderately strong, the days will surely get cooler by 3/4c starting 30th. North Indian states, Gujarat and baking inintense 43/45c temperatures, can expect some relief,albiet for a few days only.

Today, the highest in Asia was 45c at Nagpur (India) and Nawabshah(Pakistan).
All this relief is temporary for a couple of days, till the passing of the W.D. The heat is immiediately following up in the rear of the system.
Mumbai was a sweaty 35.5c (+3c), and cloudless.(Though I was expecting some clouding today). Mahableshwar couln't be any better too, as the day was hot today at 33c with no relief at night,20c. Thane, too was scorching at 38.8c (AWS reading).

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