Sunday, April 25, 2010

Range of temperature variation in India :

An interesting analysis of the temperature range variation in India, from the Himalayas down to the heated plains of Central India.This is for Sunday, 25th. April.
Hottest: Ramagundam, Chandrapur, Jamshedpur: 45c
Hottest Metro, Delhi:39c
Hottest Hill station, Mahableshwar: 33c

Coolest in plains, Amritsar: 20c
Coolest in Valley, Srinagar: 7c
Coolest in Sub Himalayan Hills, Kalpa (H.P.): 0.5c
Coolest in Himalayan Region, Chushul (Ladhak):-18c.

Forecast for Mumbai: Days will remain hot and stuffy till Wednessday. Expect cloudy and very stuffy weather, with high humidity on Thursday/Friday. A little rain or drizzle is going to make it a miserable night on Thursday. An uncomfortable and "unfriendly" week, as it will be sweaty and humid.
When is the monsoon coming? Well, as per our readers poll, 52% say between 25th.and 31st.May. However,19% say after 5th. June. ??? Lets hope majority prevails !!
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