Friday, April 16, 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!

With a Day temperature Map like this )of 16th. April), I would say whats the next after Very HOT !!
Just look at the 44s and the 45s. Generously distributed, all over, with a "tinge " of 46 hear and there ! Spot your city, and see the temperature.

And, I have read of a 50c today, 16th, in pakistan at Rohri. Phew ! Yet to confirm as authentic though, but i don't doubt the source.
Hill stations like Mahableshwar and Dharamshala were 35c today, and Simla was 28c. These are 4/5c above the normal. See variation Map, all above normal !!

Only consolation: Thundershowers have started cropping up in the peninsula region.
South Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala have recieved heavy and violent storms on Thursday and Friday. With this heat, I think more to follow next 2 days.
For the North, relief in sight with an "moderate" W.D coming from tomorrow. ( IPL match in Dharamshala may be affected day after tomorrow).
For Monsoon, read MW-2 below.

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