Saturday, March 01, 2008

One of the points forecasted in my last blog was the "substantial rise in temperatures".
Well, its proving to be true, but more than expected.
Summer heat poured down on north India on Friday/ Saturday, pushing back to distant memory the need for woollens only a couple days earlier. It is spring by the Indian calendar now in north India. But it sure didn’t feel like it for the second day in succession, as residents in all of the north and central India scrambled for shade and switched on their fans. For the second day in succession, Saturday saw the high temperature mark around 30-35 degrees Celsius, nearly five degrees above normal. The minimum the night before had been 11c in most of the region, so nights are a bit pleasant still. (Its officially summer" from 1st>march in "non spring" areas like Maharashtra and Gujarat).

The IMD has predicted a further 3-4 degree rise in maximum temperatures all over north India Sunday and Monday.
The northern/central plains weren’t the only place feeling the heat. In Kashmir, Srinagar saw Saturday’s high of 18 degrees, 9 above normal, just a week after residents had been in the middle of a cold wave with heavy snowfall.
Situation of "hot weather '' might continue in north and central regions for another 4/5 days. West coast should cool down by about 3 c from the highs of 37 c.

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