Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Todays posting for India Weather : 27th.Feb.
- no W.D.system in sight till 6th. Mar. Hence dry weather for all of north/central India till 7th.
- no major wave for south till 6th. Hence dry weather till 7th. But mild incursion of moisture,and partly cloudy weather will prevent temperatures from rising too sharply.
- dry and easterly winds in first week means substantial rise in day/night temperatures for the full country.
- ridge aloft will remain in place, preventing any major development in the north and central region.
-MSL remains high.
- rise in temperature will be prominent in central and west Rajasthan.

The temperatures have started rising today. The max. temperature map shows the north-west region and central areas of India going into the mid-30s. But just observe the west coast of India. Mumbai at 38c, and other coastal towns around 36/37c ! This is due to the sudden gush of easterly winds.

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