Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Well, its a predicted heat wave in north-west India. With temperatures as much as 7 c above normal in Rajasthan, its a "heat wave" in meteorological terms. Map shows the hot "tongue" creeping in from the west. The heat prevails over Delhi, north M.P. and parts of Gujarat and Maharshtra too, with Akola hottest in the country (maybe) at 38.6c.

With the advent of a mild W.D., the heat will relent from Thursday. Immiedietly, the day temperatures will drop all over north by at least 3-4 c, bringing it too slightly "above normal" levels, and bring a cooling in comparison to the sudden upswing. The W.D.may not rain much below the hills of the north due to the effect of a stable ridge aloft.

A deep "vortex" can develop over north Sri Lanka by the 10th. This should bring sudden ,maybe heavy, rains to south and coastal Tamil Nadu from the 11th. As the vortex is deep, the rains may hang on for a couple of days, though restricted to the south and coastal regions of the state. The then formed "UAC" may move north-east along the east coast, and bring some rains alongwith from the 12/13th. May not move or produce precpitation inland due to the steering effect of a strong ridge aloft in the north.

An unusual fog enveloped Mumbai in the early hours of the morning on the 5th.An occurance due to low level condensation, the fog lasted for about 2 hrs. after sunrise, and was thick enough to restrict visibility to 50 feet. I mention this, as actual "sea breeze condensation ground level fog due to cooling" is very rare in Mumbai, and the last recorded fog of this intensity in the city was 35 years ago.

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