Sunday, November 04, 2007

The N.E. Monsoon seems to have run out of steam, as anticipated. But the projected low, to boost it again, seems to have appeared "over the horizon'' as can be seen from the IMD streamline map. The low pressure area over the South East of the Bay is the projected "pulse" from the China Sea which has crossed over. The blow up of rain over the Tamil Nadu and A.P. coast later this week, due to the appraoching low is shown in this Cola forecast.

Meanwhile, no W.D. is in sight for the next 8/10 days, hence, the southern states should get some "undisturbed" rain from 9th. onwards till the 15th. of Nov.

But the current wind pattern is quite complex, as on today, and seen in the the IMD streamline. This has resulted in marginally above average day temperatures all over India, with a "tongue " of higher temperatures around the East-central and North-east region.


Anonymous said...

The weather over Mumbai has been quite wiered over the last couple of days, it's almost like mid-October, very hot and humid days and humid nights. The thunderclouds too seem to be forming over the horizon nearly everyday. And to think we are almost reaching the end of November first week.

Rajesh said...

Due to the vortex circulation , I mentioned in my blog 2 days back, some moisture has penetrated into the interiour coastal areas of Maharashtra.I think thats why we see some thunderclouds in the east. Even today they were seen, but they have not been able to precipitate any rain.So also the reason for the humid weather over Mumbai. Should change when the north dry wind resumes again, I think after this week end.

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