Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Below normal night temperatures have ruled over Maharshtra for the last 5/6 days. Lows of 7 c were recorded in Nashik and Pune going down to 8 c in the last 2 days. Mumbai, Santa Cruz, was down to 14 c yesterday. Now most of these were 5-7 c below normal, hence classifying into cold wave conditions.

I have not written for a few days, but, one can say I was waiting for the forecasted W.D. It is expected to reach the northern parts of Pakistan/India by the 28th. as estimated in my last blog. As a result, the night temperatures will show a tendency to rise, by about 2/3 c in the northern plains.

But, winter will be establishing a firm grip over the area. Another W.D. is to reach the mountains of Pakistan and India by the 1st., and hence, the hills region will get its first subsatantial rain/snow of the winter in the first week of Dec. This is conformed as another W.D. may follow up in the next 2 days in the first week of Dec .

The result of this will be a sharp fall in the temperatures over much of extereme northern regions of the sub continent, and a fall in the night temperatures, or cold wave conditions , over the plains and central parts of India. All this during the first week of December.

South India can expect very little rain in isolated regions. Maybe after the second W.D. moves away, an easterly wave, the result of the tropical storm in the China Sea, may bring some more rain around the 7/8 th, in Tamil Nadu and south Kerala.

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