Thursday, November 15, 2007

SIDR : A powerfull Storm.

Sidr by now is a powerful Category 4 storm with 130 Kts winds, and is still a severe, highly dangerous storm. The JTWC have updated their earlier advisory giving the 1200 hrs, GMT, status for this Category 4 hurricane, and is moving towards down on the densely populated coasts of Western Bangladesh and Eastern shores of W.Bengal. Landfall is expected along the low-lying stretch of coast just east of Kolkata, in the next 24 hrs.. Sidr ( Arabic word for the the jujube tree, named by Oman) is only the second major (Category 3 or higher) tropical cyclone to affect the Bay of Bengal this decade.

Sidr has taken advantage of the high heat content Bay waters, and has intensified. As the storm continues northwards over the next 24 hours,it should be able to maintain its intensity. However, in the 12 hours prior to landfall, there will be a sharp increase in wind shear, and the Bay waters heat content will be a little lower as well, and the hope is that Sidr will be a Category 1 or 2 cyclone when it hits land.

But, even then,a Category 1 or 2 cyclone hitting the low-lying, densely populated coasts of W.Bengal/ Bangladesh could still be damaging. It is hoped that the local authorities have taken the due precautions and low lying areas evacuated.

The impact estimate and intensity is well shown at

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