Friday, November 16, 2007

Sidr crossed the Bangladesh coast, and hurriedly rushed inland into the N.E. States of India. Now, a depression, it seems to be fading away fast. This is due to the strong STR, (the northerlies mentioned in my prevoius blogs), pushing it away.

Also, this means, the seasonal weather over the sub continent is taking a firm grip over the region. No W.D. in sight, for the next week at least. This means , markedly colder weather in the northern areas of Pakistan and India, the central regions of the sub continent, and also cooler temperatures in the western states of India (including Mumbai, which will see a minimum of 18 c, next week).

An easterly wave approaching the Tamil Nadu coast, is likely to bring some substantial rainfall, especially to the coastal regions, on Monday. But it is not expected to last for more than a day, nor penetrate too much inland.

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