Thursday, October 11, 2007

It is clear now that the seasonal high over Pakistan and north-west India is more marked, hence the southward push of the monsoon widhrawal has now reached the southern parts of the peninsula.
And the weather focus is now moving towards south India. International models observe that a upper air circulation has formed off the Tamil Nadu/Sri Lanka coast. The winds which are now north to south inland along the south-east coast, are expected to become north-easterly along the south-east coast and inland in the next 2 days.This is expected with the anti cyclone pushing down and changing the wind direction. With these changes predicted, in confirmation with my last blog, south Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka should get the commencing showers of the monsoon in the next 2 days.

Meanwhile up north, the night temperatures have dropped, as estimated. The IMD colour map shows the temperature distribution and the cooler weather covering north India. Pakistan too is witnessing cooler nights with Quetta at 0 c.

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Anonymous said...

helo Mr.Rajesh

Its muggy here in chennai. I believe chennai will start receiving rain from sunday / monday. The easterlies with the assosiated cloud formation have reached andamans, seeing todays IMD image.

sriraman vk

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