Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The current system in the bay went upto a maximum capacity of a depression, and has now weakened and the clouding spread all over the peninsula upto Maharashtra(IMD satellite). The severity of the rain from the system is over, and the forecast for 30th. is in fact rain of sizable intensity only near the south A.P. coast, and the areas of south A.P. and north Interior Karnataka will get some rain, though scattered and not too heavy (map from "wetter").
A period of lesser rain is what is in store for the southern states for this week, at least till the 6th./7th. That is when GFS model has forecasted the next low for the bay.

Night temperatures in Central and Northern India are falling, but not at the pace required for this time of the year. The falling trend, which usually moves in westwards into N.India from Pakistan, has just begun to a small extent in Pakistan. In the hiily states, Kalpa in H.P. and Pahalgam have reached 1 c.
The nights can get cooler in N.India and central and N.Pakistan in this week, as no incursion of moisture is expected from the south, and the "high" can dominate the region.


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