Tuesday, July 03, 2007

With the passing of 04B into Pakistan, the system, on the heels of 03B, has left some very high rain amounts in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. In my last blog of the 30th,I had given some very high rain amounts in Maharashtra for the 28th. and 29th. The heavy rains in Gujarat and Maharshtra continued for another 2 days, as the system was stationary over Gujarat for 2 days.

Some heavy rain amounts in cms of 24 hrs.period due to intense rain in the two states.

July2nd.: Cities : Broach -49, Limdi 44, Dediapada -40, Babra -37, Padra-34, Hansot -33, Mahabaleshwar -32, Ranpur -30, Chuda -26, Pardi, Jhugodin -25 each, Valsad, Silvasa, -24 each, Bhira, Barwala, Karjan, Lathi, Botad -21 each, Nandod, Gandevi, Madhuban 20 each, Rajpipla, Ukai, Palitana -19 each, Bansda, Songad, Gondal -18 each, Matar - 17, Baroda, anand, Kamrej -16 each, Jagatpuri, Mangrol - 15 each, Peth, Trimbakeshwar, Surgana, Kheda -14 each, Vallabh Vidya Nagar -13.

Ghat area: Koyna(N) - 46, Koyna (P) - 35, Tamini -34. Shirgaon - 29, Dungerwadi - 28, Ambone - 25, Lonavala (O)- 22, Khopoli, Lonavala (T) -20 each, Walvan - 19, Dharavi - 15, Shirola -14, Bhivpuri 13, Khan - 11, Wangaon -9, Thakurwadi - 8, Dawdi -3.

Broach (South Gujarat) has recieved 49 cms of rain in 24 hrs on 2nd, which is the highest ever rainfall in a day for the town. The previous record for a day for Broach was 46 cms on 5th. August 1976. And the highest 1 day rain for June was 223 mm on 17th. June 1965.

Interesting are the figures for Mahableshwar, a hill station in the Ghats:

Rain this year from 1st. june to 16th. June : 69 mm
to 28th. June: 902 mm
to 30th. June: 1259 mm
to 03rd. July: 2218 mm.

There are no records involved here, as the record for the month of June till today at Mahableshwar stands at 2808 mm in 1882.

Maybe we can check for a record for a 30 day period , from 15th. June to 15th. July later this year.

The system is now over Pakistan and seems to be moving west, but with good rain expected in the coastal areas.

Another low has developed in the bay today. The next 24/48 hrs. will be crucial to observe its development and direction of movement.

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