Monday, July 16, 2007

The newly formed low in the bay did not, as expected, develop much.It crossed the Orissa coast, and now is over Jharkhand. The weak system is expected to move into Bihar and East U.P.

Nepal, will experiance heavy rains in a day, as the system moves northwards towards it.

The result of this will be fairly heavy rains over Bihar and East U.P and Nepal, causing some flooding in Bihar . But, on the other front, as the system moves into the Himalayas, a very weak phase of the monsoon may prevail over rest of India, and Central and south Pakistan. A"break Monsoon " condition may hold on for 5-6 days from Tuesday, in the regions mentioned. Meanwhile, temperatures in West and North India, along with temperatures in central and south Pakistan, may rise. They may go upto 46 c in Sindh and 43 -44 c in Rajasthan, and upto 3-4 c above normal in Gujarat and Maharastra, and also 3-4 c above normal in Delhi.

The overall monsoon over India is now around +18%. But end of July should see this figure going down, as the rains will be scanty for about a week now.

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