Thursday, July 12, 2007

The lull in the rain mentioned in the last blog continues. The monsoon trough has shifted to the foothills of the Himalayas, causing less rain in the rest of India, as retreating of the rains to the foothills of the Himalayas is associated with a weak phase of the monsoon over the rest of India. The northern hill states will get enhanced rain during the next 2 days from today.

The anticipitated low over the bay seems to be forming. An "upper Air Circulation "has formed over central Bay,which will lead to the formation of a low.The brewing low, will trigger rain over Orissa and West Bengal, say from Saturday.

Due to the strong typhoon in the Pacific,"Man-Yi", most of the monsoon flows over the sub continent have been sucked away, and are converging across the south bay. As the bay low develops, it may not get the required flow in strength, and may not develop as much as its predecessors. In fact, international models are suggesting further weakening of the flows over the peninsula.This, may be limited to a few days, and may pick up later. But the strength of the new low will be limited.
Till then, normal monsoon weather over the sub continent, except the foothills, to continue with a weak phase for another 2 days.

Jim mentions of a major cold wave in Argentina and Chile. Snow after 80 years in the capital,B.A., and snow in many places in South America for the first time.Heavy rare snow also reported from South Africa, with Jo'Burg getting unusually heavy snow.
Cold and wet June/July for the U.K.
We talk about global warming ?

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